Our Story

On our first date, David took me on a day long tour of Long Island and I saw it through his eyes. He came to the door with a bouquet of herbs and garlic from his garden. I immediately knew that David was special. Since then, we have fallen in love and have both grown so much. I am lucky to be able to see the world from David's eyes every day. We balance each other out, take time to listen and learn from each other, and know when to laugh at life, ourselves, and each other.
Jen and I met on Myspace. I was persistent in meeting her and we got along immediately. I would describe our relationship as unselfish and open-minded, adventurous and fun, relaxing and steady, optimistic and creative. I think Jen has magical powers because it's impossible not to love her! I can see myself in her arms forever and am so excited at all the adventures yet to come, like our wedding!.